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Damarli Estate was acquired in 1995 by David Pech and

his family. It was named after the family: DA- for David,

MA - for Manfred (David's father), R - for Ruth (David's

mother) and LI - for Lia (David's wife). The property is 18

hectares (45 acres), 11 hectares of coffee and 7 hectares of

natural reserve.

General Information

Location: Boquete - Palmira Arriba/Volcancito.

Elevation: 1450 to 1500 meters (4750-4925 ft)

Annual Rainfall:  2000-2200mm

Dry Season: 2-3 months

Yearly Average Temperature: 20-21° Celsius (68-70° F)

Day Temperatures: 21-26.5° Celsius

Night Temperatures: 15-20° Celsius.

Coffee Varieties: Gesha, Pacamara, Caturra, Catuai, Bourbon

and Typica.

Cultivation Method: Shade Grown

What We Offer To Clients

- Micro Lot Coffee Varieties

- Single Estate Profiles

- Different Processing Options (Natural, Honey, Washed)

- Different Drying Methods (Patio, Rasied African Beds,

Rotary Dryer)

- Requested Pictures

- Coffee Season Updates

- Quality Control by Lot Separation

- Quality Control by Cupping

- Origin Trip Planning

- Direct Trade Channel

- Offer Export Options