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Our Processing

How We Process

Washed Coffees

We work with the Del General Beneficio for our washed coffees. They are well recognized in Boquete for their expertise in artisan

processing; they have processed many of the award winning Best of Panama coffees. Coffees are floated, pealed, fermented,

washed, dried on the patio and finished in the rotary dryers.

At request we will have the Del General processing center wash the coffees and we will finish the drying at Damarli Estate African


Natural Coffees

Natural coffees we process at Damarli Estate on our African Beds. They are completely sun dried, which will take between 3 to 4

weeks per each micro-lot. Due to the micro-climate that Damarli Estate is located, it becomes very dry during harvest time, which

is ideal for drying naturals slowly.


All our coffees are stored in our own private warehousing unit with control tags to know date of entry.