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Specialty Coffee

It is said that, Erna Knutsen first coined the term “specialty coffee” in 1978 in a speech at an international coffee conference in

Montreuil, France. She referred to specialty coffees as coffees that come from special geographic microclimates, which produce

beans with unique flavor profiles. In a 1998 article from the Specialty Coffee Chronicle Don Holly explained that, “Underlying this

idea of coffee appellations was the fundamental premise that specialty coffee beans would always be well prepared, freshly roasted,

and properly brewed.” Find SCAA’s explanation here.

As the producer of specialty coffee we devote our efforts to do our best to preserve the quality of the coffee in order to unleash the

potential of our coffee. During the season we take good care of trees making sure they receive proper nutrition, timely pruning,

and proper exposure to sunlight. During the harvest all of our coffee is picked by hand only at the peak each bean’s ripeness.

Pickers will often pass a tree 3 to 6 times during the harvest. The coffee is delivered, often the same day, to our partner-processing

center in Palmira and sits no longer than 24 hours after collection before delivery. Often we will collect select varieties to create

unique and uniform micro-lots for our clients.